Introducing our company logo…

Rogue River Coffee Co. – a new bakery and cafe coming soon to Reedsport, Ore. – is proud to introduce our new logo.

Designed by Julia Rush (our new daughter in law!), the logo is a horizontal diamond shape with our trademark name in script lettering surrounded by mountains above and water below.

“We think it’s evocative of the beauty of coastal Oregon’s vast wilderness areas and perfectly captures the spirit we are attempting to convey with our products and services,” says co-owner Chris Rush. “We’re delighted in how this symbol of our business has turned out and can’t wait to proudly display it.”

In addition to signage, the logo will also be used on a host of products that the company will carry including mugs, tumblers, water bottles, etc., as well as tee shirts and caps.

“I was so excited to create this logo,” says artist Julia Rush. “My aim was to create a logo that embodies both the adventure of western Oregon and the comfort that Rogue River Coffee Co. offers.”

In conjunction with the official logo, a companion artwork is complete with a canoe and paddles, Oregon’s iconic Douglas Fir trees, and rushing water. The art will be featured on various items including the back of our very first tee shirt design.

Expected to open this August, Rogue River Coffee Co., will serve coffee and espresso drinks, tea, an assortment of cookies, muffins, and quick breads, as well as a line-up of grilled Panini sandwiches for lunch.

Be looking for our menu announcement coming soon!

Canoe T-Shirt Design_no white

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