Meet our coffee roaster…

Rogue River Coffee Company is pleased to announce that it has selected Bridgeview Coffee Roasters as their coffee bean supplier.

The new cafe and bakery, owned and operated by Chris and Sheryl Rush, is expected to open its doors in uptown Reedsport by mid-August.

The decision to choose Bridgeview met several criteria that the owners desired for their new business.

“We knew that we already loved Bridgeview Coffee, having sampled it and having been served it multiple times at other cafes in the Coos Bay area,” said Chris Rush. “The fact that they are a small-batch roaster, that they are a locally owned business right here in southwest Oregon, and that their coffee is terrific, made this an easy decision for us.”

Owned and operated by Lex Johnson, Bridgeview Coffee Roasters is an artisan small-batch roaster providing freshly roasted coffee beans, delivering to businesses and individuals.

“My coffee quest first began in the seventies where I discovered coffee to be an affordable, but not particularly pleasant, caffeine delivery system that helped to ply through endless pages of college textbooks to prepare for seemingly endless college exams,” says Johnson. “I think there’s a point in  many people’s coffee journey where they want more than caffeine out of their coffee cup. This is where the journey takes a turn — this is where I began to really enjoy my coffee in the morning!”

Some years back, Johnson began buying his own green (unroasted) coffee beans and roasting them himself. What began as a hobby has now developed into a full-fledge business for Johnson.

“Since that time I’ve never stopped the pursuit of sometimes interesting, always fresh, quality coffee,” he says.

Johnson now roasts a variety of beans from multiple sources around the globe including Rwanda, Sumatra, Bali, Kona, Ethiopia, Columbia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and more.

“We believe our customers will love the espresso and drip coffee drinks made from Bridgeview Coffee Roasters product and taste the passion that Johnson brings to his craft,” says Rush. “We will endeavor to make the best possible beverages for our customers with this great coffee roast, and we will also carry a line of their whole bean coffees in 16 oz. bags.”

For more information about Bridgeview Coffee Roasters, log onto http://www.bridgeviewcoffee.comfood-beans-coffee-drink

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